Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


What photographic style do you identify with most?

Photojournalism mixed with portraiture.


Approximately how many images will I receive?

On average you will receive 50 edited images per hour (5 hours=250 images) but most of the time it is more than that.


Do you edit the images?

Yes! I take a great deal of time working on your images making sure they are all print ready!


Can you make images look “old timey” or filtered like on “Instagram”?

No. That is not my style. I like clean and balanced images. You spend a ton of time planning your wedding and decorating with specific colors. I want my images to reflect those colors. I don’t want you to look back on your wedding album years from now and know they were taken during a specific time period or “trend period”.


What about black and white?

I do what I think looks best for each individual image. If an image is portrayed better in black and white then I may only deliver it in black and white. If it looks great both ways then I will send it in black and white and color.


When will we receive the images and the online viewing/ordering gallery?

The gallery will be posted within four-six weeks after the wedding. Once you order, your package will arrive at my studio within 5-7 business days. (occasionally I will ship directly to you so it will be there sooner than that.)


Do you always have a second shooter?

No. I determine whether I need a second shooter based on Venue, time restraints, and difficulty of the event (lighting issues or venue restrictions). You always have the option of paying for an additional shooter if you wish to do so. All of my assistants have been trained in photography and are up to my standards for a wedding photographer.


Do you have experience in different lighting situations?

Yes. I have shot in mid-day sun, beaches, sunset, indoor, outdoor, barns, churchs as well as candlelight. I bring lights with me everywhere just in case I need them. I am prepared for every type of lighting situation.


Do you have a backup camera in case yours malfunctions?

Absolutely! I have duplicates of most of my equipment!


Can you do a photobooth?

Totally! I don’t have a “photobooth machine” that prints the images on a strip instantly. However, I will set up a backdrop, provide props, provide a table and have lighting. These photobooths are so much fun at receptions either as a just-for-fun thing or as a guest book. If used as a guest book, guests will write a short note on a chalkboard (or another form of paper) and will hold the note while posing with the silly props. These are usually inside jokes and/or sweet messages. Even grandma will get in to this idea!


Do you keep my images forever?

I backup all wedding images on two hard drives as well as an online cloud.

I also have my camera set up to shoot on two different SD cards and create mirror images on both cards. That way if one malfunctions I have the other one.


Do you retain copyright?

Yes. I issue personal printing and posting rights to you. I retain the right to print the images from your wedding or to use them for advertising. However, if a venue or publication would like to use one of your images please have them contact me.


Do you have insurance?

Totally! Let me know if your venue would like to see a copy.


What if you are sick the day of our wedding?

Well, it would take a hospital stay for me to miss this big day! But I have several close professional photographer friends/mentors that not only are great friends but also could fill in for me in the instance that the unthinkable happen! Since I am more inexpensive than my fellow professional photographers, I would take on all costs for hiring the additional photographer.


Can you do boudoir sessions?

Yes! It is a wonderful way to set the mood for your honeymoon! Your man will not be disappointed in that wedding gift! Create a photo book to give him on your wedding day and I can capture his expression when he opens it! Priceless. Fill the book with quotes and sweet notes to make it really special!

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