How amazing would it be to surprise him with the BEST GROOM GIFT EVER!?

That's right! "The little Black Book" is on every husband's wish list! He will love this gift and it will definitely make the wedding night more fun! 


Having done these sessions now for over seven years I have learned some wonderful tricks for the camera! I have had the pleasure of working with ladies of all shapes and sizes. I have worked with Miss Plus Size America and she helped me with some awesome (and very flattering) new poses and techniques! 
This session will be for you as much as it is for your spouse. You will leave feeling beautiful and confident! Contrary to popular belief you do NOT have to be a model with perfect skin to feel and look sexy! 

These sessions include professional hair and makeup! We want to pamper you!

Message me for a complete list of suggestions to make this session rock! 

2009 courtney utley photography