About Us

Courtney Utley Photography is a Central Arkansas based photography studio focused on capturing and documenting true moments in life. We specialize in newborn, family portrait and wedding photography. 

Having started professionally in 2009 we have shot over 150 weddings and countless portrait and newborn sessions. Aaron, teamed up with her in 2010 to not only second shoot but to also incorporate his DJ services into the wedding packages. As a team, they rely on their communication skills as well as their overall knowledge of equipment to create flawless wedding experiences. Let's face it, they can just look at each other and read what the other is about to do next. It has become a vital part of thier overall wedding success. 

Courtney has a Bachelors degree from the University of Central Arkansas and continues her education each year through seminars and online courses. Her passion has turned to newborn photography. Grow with me packages have become a huge part of the studio. With these packages clients are in the studio every three months documenting the changes in their children's lives. It is all captured, from squishy newborn faces to crawling to then walking. 

The slogan for Courtney Utley Photography is "light, vision, art". These three things separately cannot complete an image. But together they make breathtaking works of art that be a part of your family for years. 

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